Patent Attorney CV

The work of a patent attorney mainly includes representing clients in acquiring patents and acting in procedures and matters related to patent practice and law. The work mainly includes legalization and granting of patents. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a patent attorney.

Sample Patent Attorney CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- Jim Shekel

AGE- 27

ADDRESS- 5C Sea hill Apartment, Kenningway town, London-58

PHONE NUMBER- 26778956451

MOBILE NUMBER- 956664781


Career Objective:

As a patent attorney, I would like to represent my clients before the European Patent Organization, to help legalize and validate patents. Also in any case if patent rights have been denied or any breach of patent acts has taken place, I aspire to bring that as well to the notice of the jury through legalized and lawful proceedings.

Educational Background:

2008- Passed the European Qualifying Examination to Become a European Patent Attorney.

2005- Masters in Molecular physics with a minor in Pre Law, Oprest University

2004- Bachelors in Molecular Physics, Hill University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked under Dr.Wilkins as a junior researcher on Kinesis of Sub-Atomic Level Particle, in year 2003.

2)   Worked as student body representative in year 2005 in Oprest University.

3)   Worked as a part time junior consultant in Dr.Levys firm in year 2007

4)   Worked as a patent rights consultant officer in Mr. Andrews’s firm in year 2008.



1)           Became youngest case representative for the European patent office in year 2009.

2)           Gold Medalist in Molecular Physics in year 2005.

3)           Ranked First in the European qualifying examination, in year 2008.

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