Patent Examiner CV

A patent examiner is basically a civil servant working in a patent’s office. The main job of a patent examiner is to review the patent application and decide whether the claimed invention should be granted a patent. Hence certain qualities must be pertained in a candidate applying for the post of a patent examiner.

Sample Patent Examiner CV

Personal Profile:

NAME- Melissa Benignly

AGE- 28

ADDRESS- 43A-2 Russell Lane, Highway Road, Zenith Square London-24

PHONE NUMBER- 589964472

MOBILE NUMBER- 964458937


Career Objective:

As a patent examiner, I would search databases, conduct documental analysis, judge the validity of patents and maintain patent communications. My work would also include determination of the scope of the invention and to check similarity with any past invention of that kind.

Educational Background:

2009- Arts degree in linguistic studies from Rain University..

2008- Masters of Engineering in structural engineering with specialization in industrial technology, Upion University

2006- Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering from York University

Professional Work Experiences:

1)   Worked as a quality examining officer in Dr.Holmes laboratory in 2005.

2)   Received industrial training in Weldon in year 2006.

3)   Worked as a junior quality researcher for Dr.Dell in ‘Eco friendly Construction Materials’.



1)   Became youngest member of the coalition of patent’s member representative organization in 2009.

2)           Gold Medalist in Structural Engineering in year 2008.

3)           Silver medalist in civil engineering in year 2006.

4)   Wrote a short story in French ‘The Rouse’ (English Translation) which was awarded ‘The Best Gripping Story Written by a Fresher’ in year 2009.


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