Regulatory Affairs Officer CV

Regulatory affairs officer is a person responsible for controlling regulation and operation of any field. They are the one who implement new methodologies and strategies for ensuring proper regulation of any particular field they are handling.

Therefore, the CV of a candidate applying for the position of regulatory affairs officer must contain certain qualities for determining his or her skills.

Sample Regulatory Affair Officer CV

Jennie Fernandez

98 Downsteet


Phone Number: 8989912

Email Id:

Career Objective:

With my experience of over 7 years as a regulatory affair officer, I want to get associated with a winning company where I can best utilize my skills and experience for its future progress.

Educational Qualification:

2000-2002: MS in process engineering, University of Houston

1997-2000: Bachelors of Engineering, with major as Process and regulation engineering, University Of Houston.

2009: Pursuing research on Industrial regulation and process, University of California.

Professional Experience:

1999: Completed Internship of Six months at processing unit of Houston Dairy production.

2003-2005: Worked as an assistant regulatory affair officer in managing and coordinating unit, Mark & Mark Pvt. Ltd.

2006-2008: Worked as a regulatory affair office in Event coordinating Department, Louis & Co.


  • Always efficiently accomplished the entire tasks that have been assigned.
  • Effectively worked in group and was always successful in convincing team members at the time of implementing any new methodologies.
  • Always tried to implement innovative ideas for maintaining proper regulation.
  • Carried out almost all new operations and planning with utmost care and trials.

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