Social Researcher CV

Social researchers are individuals who scheme, design and run social research ventures. They collect and scrutinize information, using a number of computer softwares to systematize the data, which they put forward orally or in writing. A social researcher‘s CV must contain details of his educational background as well as job objectives along with his career experience and skills.

Sample Social Researcher CV

George Taylor

32 Charing Cross

New York


Phone number- 23456789

Mobile number- 9876788990

Email id-

Fax number – 022 7655 6789

Educational qualification

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor of  social science from new York college in New York, 2000
  • Master of social science from Texas university in Texas, 2002

Career experience

I was a social researcher in Texas youth centre in Texas from 2002 to 2007 and my job included:-

  • Conducting research by a variety of ways, such as interviews, surveys and focus researches that are used to look into the views of populace samples on definite issues.
  • Conducting in depth exploration as well as research on population arrangement and immigration, unemployment; felony; health care;   transport; gender, social services; education and the natural environment.
  • Using the Survey results to shape the future course of action or to inspect the efficiency of present policy.

Career skills

My special skills include:-

  • refining and defining the research purpose;
  • designing survey patterns;
  • using a suitable and creative method to design and administer a research scheme
  • applying various research methods to collect information like document investigation, questionnaires, case studies etc

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