Trade Mark Attorney CV

Trade mark attorneys are expert legal professionals capable of advising clients about defending and enforcing their trade mark privileges. By offering legal assistance on the enlistment, use and utilization of new and present trademarks, trade mark attorneys make sure of the fact that companies fruitfully protect the individuality and reliability of their brands. The CV must have all the information regarding his qualifications, career skills and his career experience.

Sample Trade Mark Attorney CV

John Malcolm

32 New Highway Streets

New York


Phone number- 2234 5678

Fax number- 022 9876 3456

Mobile number- 9272727654

Email id –

Career skills

My skills characteristically involve:

  • investigating new trademarks;
  • exploring properly to see if the planned trade mark is previously in use;
  • counselling on trade mark accessibility for use or registration;

Educational background

I have a degree in

  • Bachelor Of Laws, from Texas Law School, Texas, 2000
  • Master Of Laws, from New York Law School, 2002

Career experience

I was a trademark attorney from 2002 to 2005 in John & Jacob Trademark Firm, New York and my tasks were:-

  • managing, defending and enforcing rational property rights, especially trademarks, exclusive rights, copyrights, proposals, and the look of a product that is its design or image;
  • collaborating in disputes about trademarks;

    taking some kind of action on trade mark violation

    offering back-up to the advocates and barristers who are conducting a legal case

    giving advice to clients on how to safeguard trade marks and giving information on      the services that a registration covers

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