Trade Union Research Officer CV

A trade union research officer is someone who informs the actions and strategic progress of trade alliances by collecting, examining and distributing information on social, economic and political problems. The CV of such a person has details of his job objectives, career experience as well as career related skills.

Sample Trade Union Research Officer CV

Richard Jones

32 New Roadways

New Jersey


Phone number- 2234 5678

Mobile Number- 98765678987

Fax number- 0223456 6789

Email id –

Career skills

My skills include:-

    applying quantitative and qualitative techniques to research schemes for the union on financial, communal, political and trade issues;

    interrogating members of the public, union employees and trade union officers;

    communicating with other unions and other establishments in the USA and abroad;

    keeping myself updated with trade and union improvements.

Work Experiences

I used to work as a trade union research officer from 2002 to 2007 in Alliance Firm, Texas and my main responsibilities were:-

   To provide statistical information and other data for negotiations;

   To analyse official certification and legislation (current and past) for assessing its influence on union activities and welfare

   To work with all union staff, administration and industry officials to produce research data

   To gather information and produce reports and hold gatherings to inform and produce union policies;

Educational background

I have a degree in:-

  • Bachelor of Arts with sociology as my major from Texas University, 2000
  • Master of Arts with Political Science as my major from New York University, 2002


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