Computer Operator CV

The work of a computer operator may not be as simple as employers may intend it to be. A computer operator controls and monitors a computer and peripheral data processing devices. The operator also process scientific, business, engineering and other data types. Therefore, your resume should clearly outline your abilities in relation to the job position through your previous experience, interests, capabilities and professional qualifications.

Sample Computer Operator CV Format

Maryanne Thomas

8742 Memorial Avenue, Woodpecker

Trent Town, Las Vegas

Telephone: 894 4693

Cell Number: (555) 782 8018


Career Objective:

Seeking employment opportunity in an established company as a computer operator to exercise the knowledge and skills I have gained over the years in operating computers and manipulating data.

Professional Experience:

2004 – 2009:  Computer operator, Blink systems International, Liberty town, Washington DC


  • Recording computer information such as occurring problems, operating time and actions taken
  • Performing scheduled and regular maintenance checks on computer terminals and desktop PCs
  • Loading peripheral equipments in use with selected materials for operation and overseeing computer-related operations
  • Determining the tools and equipment required to undertake a particular job and making necessary requisitions
  • Clearing office equipments at end of operations and reviewing upcoming schedules to facilitate smooth operations in the next session.
  • Continuously monitoring the IT systems for equipment malfunction, failure or errors in performance
  • Typing commands and transferring encoded data into the computer storage
  • Entering commands into a computer terminal and activating controls on computers and peripheral equipments to operate the equipment

Educational Qualifications

2001 – 2003:  Diploma in Computer Science – New Jersey Institute of Advanced Technology, White Rose, New Jersey

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