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In the last decade, computer and IT infrastructure have turned out to be an integral part of everyday life at school, home, work, and everywhere else. Almost every computer user experiences a problem at one time or another, whether it is a forgotten password, software corruption or a hard drive crash. The extensive use of computers has exploded the demand for IT specialists who provide day-to-day administration, advice, computer maintenance and support to users of computer systems and networks.

Sample Computer Specialist CV Format

Maryanne Mira

897 Rose Road, Water Park

Townsville, Idaho


Tel: +1 778 782 3842

Cell: +1 673 239 0984

Career Objective

Seeking placement in an established company where I have to specifically deal with computers and IT infrastructure in providing service to clients and the company.

Employment History

2005 – 2009: Computer Support Specialist, Down and Own Corporation, Delta Falls, MG


  • Providing technical support, assistance and advice to computer users and customers.
  • Interpreting computer related problems and providing technical assistance for software, hardware, and systems.
  • Analyzing problems using automated diagnostic programs and fixing recurring difficulties
  • Responding to inquiries from computer users
  • Installing, modifying, cleaning, and repairing computer hardware and software.
  • Writing training manuals and training computer users in using new computer software and hardware
  • Overseeing the daily computer systems performance in the company and evaluating programs’ productivity
  • Gathering data to identify customer requirements and then using the information to interpret, identify and evaluate network and system requirements.
  • Planning, coordinating and implementing network security protocols.
  • Ensuring computer network efficiency at all times

Education and Training

2001 – 2004: BSc Computer Science – Colorado State University, Delta Falls Campus, Colorado

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