Computer Technician CV

A computer technician is responsible for upgrading, maintenance and recommending computers and computer equipment for a company. When writing a resume, emphasize on the technical knowledge you have especially in repairing and maintaining hardware and software aspects of a computer system. Be sure to mention your ability to identify and resolve technical problems. As computer technician, your resume is expected to show how you handle general tasks that promote seamless use of IT infrastructure in a work environment.

Sample Computer Technician CV Format

Ying Liu Li

7594 Pine Street, China Town,

Heaven’s Gate, Wyoming

Tel: (777) 682 7834

Cell: (777) 529 1273


Professional Experience

2005 – 2009: IT Technician at Call-a-Techie Company, Heaven’s Gate, Wyoming


  • Installing and testing new software
  • Maintaining servers and network hardware
  • Making software available to appropriate users
  • Distributing files as required for staff use
  • Ensuring the anti-virus software is installed, properly configured, regularly updated and working properly on all PC and server stations
  • Receiving and setting up hardware.
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting hardware failures
  • Checking new computer equipment and installing as expected
  • Liaising with external support agencies to resolve faults speedily
  • Liaising with the designated personnel responsible for the keeping the inventory
  • Maintaining computer peripheral equipment e.g. printers, scanners, projectors and whiteboards
  • Maintaining wired and wireless networks, desktop and server computers
  • Providing technical support for hardware and software issues in the office
  • Setting up and maintaining backup system for file servers and in-office desktop computers

Educational Qualification

2000 – 2004: BSc. Degree Computer Engineering – Griffin University, Trenchtown, New Mexico

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