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Copywriters are a very devoted type of writers. These are writers who prepare market focused articles for use in publications, presentations or broadcasting, written specifically to promote a particular product. Copywriters often work hand-in-hand with the client to come up with advertising slogans and themes and are sometimes involved in the actual advertising of the client’s product.

Sample Copywriter CV Format

Sue Mayer

9832 Blue Street

Fairview, NJ

Cell: (777) 873 8932

Tel: (777) 873 5473

Career Objective

A talented professional copywriter with an eye for detail and creativity seeking a position in the writing and marketing industry in order to put my copywriting and Internet marketing skills in practice. I have 4 years experience and a proven track record in creative writing.

Professional Experience

2004 – 2008:  Copywriter, Solice and Solis, Ohio


  • Developed and presented ideas and drafts including advertising methods and themes to clients for discussion and approval
  • Determined the language and tone of messages based on product, medium, and target audience
  • Rewrote and edited existing article copies as necessary then submitted the rewritten copy for approval by client or supervisor
  • Wrote articles, speeches, bulletins, sales letters, and other marketing related, promotional and informative material.
  • Invented names and slogans that appeared on product packaging, brochures, and other promotional material.
  • Worked with advertising agencies to develop advertising campaigns and to determine the best technique to present advertising information.
  • Spun articles to be presented to a different audience or refresh information

Educational Background

2000 – 2003:   BA History and Literature – Louisiana State University

2000 – 2001:   Diploma in Sales and Marketing – Louisiana State University

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