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A data entry keyer, sometimes referred to as data entry operator, enters raw data consisting of numbers, symbols, text, graphics or multimedia into the computer for processing, research, distribution or storage. Data entry operators handle diverse forms of data. Therefore, when writing curriculum vitae to fill the post of a data entry keyer, clearly point out all your abilities, skills and experience as far as computer use is concerned. Two big assets an applicant should highlight in the resume are speed and accuracy.

Sample Data Entry CV Format

Damian Johnson

782 Park View Road, St. Clement

Townsville, CA

Cell No.: +1 (567) 783 8983

Telephone: +1 (567) 782 6771



Career Objective

My extensive knowledge in computer use, accuracy in data entry and speed in typing drive me to seek a position of data keyer in an established institution where my skills and abilities will merge with desire to contribute to a dynamic work environment.

Professional Experience

2003 – 2009: Data Entry Operator, Frost and Frost Company, Beverly Hills, CA


  • Verifying information, operating data entry devices and preparing documents
  • Processing customer account information and a variety of other forms of documents
  • Verifying, correcting, deleting unnecessary data or combining data from several sources before entering into a computer file
  • Entering information into specific forms or files from hand written pages, recorded material or figures contained in hard copies.
  • Deciphering garbled recordings, sloppy handwriting or faded text and transforming them into digital data
  • Keeping records of files, tasks and proofread reports

Education and Training

2000 – 2003: Diploma in IT – Institute of Information Technology (IIT), Springs Valley, Washington DC

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