Many businesses depend on CISCO Systems Inc. products for their internet services. As more organizations come to depend on the internet and network connection for various purposes individuals with qualifications in CCNA will be in great demand. The field however is still highly competitive and the level of competition continues to increase. It is no longer enough to have experience and knowledge in routing protocols and configuring extended and standard IP access lists.

Employers will be looking for skills that will suit their organization. Extensive research into the nature of business the organization is involved in and the type of clients they have will help ion the writing of a wining CCNA CV. Demonstration of specific skills that may be of interest to a specific employer e.g. having worked with LAN in a Linux based system would be of interest to an employer with a similar system.   

Sample CCNA CV 

Thomas Livingston 

Home Phone: +44 7890 890 



Acted in the following capacities: 

  • Senior Network Engineer 
  • Senior Systems Engineer 
  • Technical Support Manager 
  • Systems Programmer 
  • Applications Programmer 
  • Computer Operator

 Employment History 

January 2007 to Date  

Position: Senior Systems Engineer 

  • Provided OS/390 Systems Programming support and related skills to the Royal Police Information Technology department
  • Primary projects and achievements:
  • Provided support and guidance to the successful Y2K project
  • Provided first level support for OS/390 and related software/hardware
  • Installation of and migration to OS/390 version 2.9
  • Migration of the existing country wide SNA based network to TCP/IP based on IBM and Cisco network components.
  • Installation and support of local Ethernet LAN

 November 1998 to March 2006  

Position: Systems Programmer  

  • Contracted to the Halifax to provide general systems programming skills related to year 2000 testing of software and the installation of OS/390 2.6.
  • Installed and implemented ACF2 6.2.
  • Managed technical support team
  • Supported clients IT Infrastructure
  • Designed and Deployed IT Solutions for customers
  • Supported the Sales in preparation of technical offers during pre-Sales phase
  • Giving presentations and workshops for customers

 Educational Background: 

1994 to 1997 

Award: Bsc. Computer Science (Applied Sciences) 

University: University of California  

Titles and Certificates 

  • MCSE 2000 (2006)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer – Microsoft Windows 2000
  • CCEA 3.0 (2005)
  • CiTRIX Certified Enterprise Administrator for MetaFrame Access Suite 3.0
  • CCEA XP (2004)
  • CiTRIX Certified Enterprise Administrator for MetaFrame XP Presentation Server
  • CCSP 4.0 (2002)
  • CiTRIX Certified Sales Professional for CiTRIX Presentation Server 4
  • CCNA (2001)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate

Web design experience with:

  • MS FrontPage and MS Expression Web Designer
  • MS SharePoint 2003
  • WordPress
  • MediaWiki
  • phpBB2

 Organizational and Social Skills

  • Experience in working in Multilanguage environment (OSCE – Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe),
  • Organizing and leading self-growth workshops,
  • Experience as facilitator in groups and relational conflicts,
  • Knowledge of creating, implementing and coordinating IT Projects,
  • Experience in Team Working and Team Leading,

Programming skills 

  • BAL, PL/1, PASCAL, REXX, C, C++, Delphi, C#

 PC Skills:

  • Windows software development
  • Token ring/Ethernet LAN support
  • Administration of Windows 2000/2003, Exchange 2000/2003 
  • Windows development with Delphi and .Net framework and PDA development with the compact framework

 Network Skills:

  • Cisco switches and routers support
  • IBM 22xx Access router support
  • Cisco PIX firewall support
  • VPN Installation and Support


  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) since 2001

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