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Computers have become a part of our everyday life. They have quickly become a necessity. The demand for professionals in computer software is steadily increasing as more companies invest in the design and development of software.

The field of computer software encompasses various professionals including computer software engineers, computer software sales representatives, computer software developers and software programmers amongst others. A computer software resume should be prepared with the company being applied to in mind. Remember that many of the people applying for the vacant position are as qualified or even more qualified than you are. You must therefore use your CV to woe the recruiters.

Sample Computer Software CV Format

Joel Smith

343 Smithson Lane

Rocky Mountain, Texas

Mobile No: +1 323 54576

Telephone No: +1 323 4343

Career Objective

Experienced computer software engineer seeking similar position in a progressive IT Company. The position should allow for advancement in the field of software engineering and the introduction of new software development technologies for the advancement of the organization.

Professional Experience:

2003 – 2007:   Computer Software Engineer at Diacom


  • Carried out the modification of existing software so as to correct errors and upgrade it to adapt to new hardware as well as improve its performance
  • Developed new software
  • Evaluated the hardware and software interface
  • Analyzed information from new and existing systems
  • Planned the installation of new systems
  • Developed software system tests and oversaw their implementation

Educational Background

2000 – 2003:   BSc Computer Science (System Development) – The College

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