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Unlike what the name same suggests, a data analyst’s job goes far beyond the simple analysis of computer data. As an analyst you will be responsible for various facets of the computers in the organization. Data analysts monitor computer systems and hardware and ensure that no errors occur. Any incidences are to be reported. Your data analyst CV can help you land an interview with a prospective employer if you take the time to prepare it well. Ensure that there are no errors in spelling or syntax. Data analyst jobs require attention to detail. If your resume has errors you will be quickly disqualified.

Sample Data Analyst CV Format

Harry Humble

343 Brown Ball Street

Boston, Massachusetts

Mobile No: +1 2323 343

Telephone No: +1 232 2343 343

Career Objective

Highly motivated and vastly experienced data analyst seeking position as a computer operator data analyst at a progressive computer equipment and software company. Willing to use training experience for the growth and advancement of the company.

Professional Experience:

2003 – 2007:   Data Analyst at Midnight Computers Inc


  • Operated computers and the peripheral equipment such as printers and disk drives
  • Observed the operation of equipment and ensured that they were running smoothly
  • Detected and identified any errors that occurred
  • Monitored the control panel to detect any errors that may occur in the machine’s output or any unaccountable stoppages
  • Reported any errors to the appropriate staff
  • Advised staff on corrective actions to be taken

Educational Background

1999 – 2003:   BSc in Computer Science – Middlesex University, UK



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