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Developer CVs are important in making that good first impression on the employer or recruiter. Jobs in Software development require that you be innovative. Use your CV to demonstrate to the employer that you are creative and are able to work within a team or individually. Your employer may require that you work on development projects as a team or on your own.

It would be an advantage if you have worked on software development projects before whether as a student, assistant or in employment. In this field of work, practical experience and the ability to be innovative are the most important aspects. It would also be wise to include any specialization that you may have in the programming or development of software.   

Sample Developer CV

Tom Dickens Wilkinson

34th Street, Madison Drive

DL, Tennessee

Telephone No: 2343 2434 2342

Mobile No: 1232 23434 543 

Career Objective:  

Innovative Software Developer seeking a position in a software production company that would allow the application of creative and innovative approaches to software development. The position should also allow the advancement and development of the individual in the field of software development. Willing to apply well developed research skills for the advancement of the company to the forefront of the software development industry.   

Educational Background:   

Diploma in Software Development- University of Tennessee- 2006 – 2007 

IMIS- Tennessee Polytechnic- 2003 – 2004 

BSc Computer Science and IT- University of Washington- 1998 – 2002   

Professional Background:   

2007 – 2008:   Junior Software Developer at Information Worldwide            


    • Assisted in research to gather information about the latest software available in the market and what the users are looking for in new software
    • Assisted in the designing and writing of software programs in projects headed by senior software developers
    • Carried out preliminary testing of software in the field and assessed the likelihood of success of the software in the real market
    • Offered recommendations for improvement of software already in the market and that which was to be introduced into the market


 2003 – 2005   Technology Consultant at Intra Global Communications           


    • Maintained software and hardware within the company
    • Oversaw the purchase of information technology instruments and accessories


    • Headed to completion the development of two software programs that were successful in the real market while still a junior software developer at Information Worldwide
    • Managed the installation of a new networking system at Intra Global Communications

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