Network Analyst CV

If you are observant and innovative, working as a network analyst may be just the thing for you. A network analyst designs networks to assist in improving the efficiency of the organization and its productivity. The network analyst CV should show good communication skills and interpersonal skills as the applicant will be expected to work closely with clients while examining the existing networks in the organization. The network analyst will also be expected to gauge the best networking solutions for different situations and should therefore be observant as well as attentive to detail. Take the time to learn about the type of clients that the company you are applying to works with. Tailor your resume to suit this market.

Sample Network Analyst CV Format

Brian Allan

343 All Star Street

Cleveland, Ohio

Mobile No: +1 232 4334 454

Telephone No: +1 232 343 344

Career Objective

An innovative and experienced network analyst seeking a similar position in a progressive networking firm. The position should allow for the application of skills in development of LAN and WAN. Willing to apply knowledge and skills in communication and time management.

Professional Experience

2003 – 2006:   Network Analyst at Instant Logic Inc.


  • Met with clients to plan the installation of LAN and WAN in their organizations
  • Observed and researched clients’ current networking systems
  • Evaluated current networking systems and suggested improvements or replacements
  • Prepared feasibility reports
  • Prepared proposals and presented them to clients
  • Oversaw the implementation of modifications and installation of new networks in client organizations

Educational Background

2000 – 2003:   BSc Information Technology (networking) – Ohio State University

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