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Networking CVs continue to be crucial as the information technology industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. Almost all if not all companies and organizations depend on information technology for their day to day running. Many of these companies find it convenient to have a local area network or a private online network on which to post memos or other internal company documents and information.

Individuals with skills and qualifications in networking are therefore in high demand to build and maintain these networks. The networking CV should demonstrate to the employer any practical skill in networking as the field is highly competitive. The networking CV resume sample shown below should help you come up with CV that recruiters will be interested in giving a second look.

Sample Networking CV

Collins Coldwell

34 Madison Drive

Brooklyn, New York

Telephone No: 234 343 4335

Mobile No: 2343 234 232

Email address: 

Career Objective: 

Information technology specialist with training in networking; seeking employment as a network administrator in a telecommunications company. The opportunity should allow the application of skills in program writing and building of both local area and online networks. I believe my past experience in networking will be an added advantage and an asset to the organization.  

Educational background:   

Diploma in Information Technology- Brooklyn Polytechnic- 2006 – 2007 

BSc Computer Science- New York University- 2002 – 2006 

Certificate in Networking- YMCA Brooklyn- 2000  

Professional Experience:   

2006 – 2008: Network Administrator at Diamond Information            


• Monitored local area and online networks

• Repaired networks

• Built new networks for various outlets

• Trained new network administrative personnel and interns

• Wrote weekly reports on network status

2006 – 2007: Assistant Network Administrator at News Reel Information Systems (part-time)           


• Monitored local and online networks

• Repaired networks

• Assisted those working in the company with connection to the local area network

• Worked with the Network Administrator at News Reel Information Systems in the upgrade of the company networks to  more modern and better networks


• Designed and supervised the building of the Diamond information local and private online network

• Member of the athletics team of New York University that won the Best Team Overall Award in the 2004 Interstate championships

• Member of the information technology Club at New York University 

• Winner of the Networking Certificate Scholarship to the YMCA Brooklyn beating over one thousand other interested applicants.

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