A SAP ABAP CV should contain details about the knowledge and experience that an applicant has in computer systems and software. When applying for a SAP ABAP vacancy, the CV should contain all the relevant experience in this field.  Recruitment for SAP ABAP is very rigorous because there are very many highly qualified applicants. Therefore it is important to differentiate your CV from others by making it unique and highly presentable to the recruiter. Have a look at the SAP ABAP CV below.


Fredrick Wilkin

58 Huntingdon

Cambridge CHIY4598

Mobile Number: 44 458 96386

Telephone Number: 44 123 98756

Career Objective:

To work with a reputable SAP ABAP consulting firm so as to increase my knowledge in this field while gaining practical experience.


Master of Science in Information Technology from Cambridge University

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Cambridge University

Fields of ABAP expertise:

  • SAP Scripts
  • LSMW, SAP Enhancements
  • BDC’s (session method, call transaction method)
  • Reports (Classical, Interactive and ALV Reports)
  • Module pool programming

Professional Experience

2009 – Present: ABAP Consultant, King Logistics Services


  • Customization and development of reports
  • Development and management of a program for managing stocks and sales
  • Conversion of batch-input programming (BDC)
  • Monitoring the link between SAP and Excel
  • SAP script and programming

2005-2007: Software Specialist, Frontier Industries


  • Development of the planning module of income for different markets of  the firm
  • Preparation of the Business Blue Print
  • Supporting and improving the financial accounting system
  • Developing a commercial and production system
  • Proposal of functional solutions   


  • Participation in the implementation of SE-BPS in King Logistics Services
  • Development of software for logistics that is used in 12 companies in various industries including telecommunications, transportation and construction.

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