A SAP HR CV should show the abilities that the individual has in organizational management, recruitment, personnel administration and other duties which are considered functions of a SAP human resources manager. The ability to use the SAP Human Resources Management System would be an added advantage. A SAP HR should show adequate knowledge in both human resources management and SAP. He or she should have a solid educational background in both subjects so as to ensure competitiveness in the job market and efficiency in performing their duties.

Sample SAP HR CV

Clifford Sting West

698 Fleckney

Leicester LOJYG45H

Mobile Number: 44 888 222333

Telephone Number: 44 778 665958

Career Objective:

To improve my knowledge in SAP human resources while positively contributing to the company’s bottom line. Seeking employment in a firm that has room for autonomy and development.

Professional Experience:

2004 – Present: SAP HR, CDK Consulting


  • Maintenance of the Sanofi Payroll system
  • Designing and customizing legal forms and pay slips and legal reports
  • Monitoring absences and attendances
  • Loan management, review and customizing
  • Specialized design and blueprinting
  • Implementation of specific solutions
  • Management of the knowledge transfer to the internal payroll team and supporting the users during the different phases

2002-2004: Organizational Change Management Consultant


  • Re-engineering the organizational processes to be in line with the companies objectives for the financial year.
  • Development of strategies including communication, training and program definition
  • Management of teams including planning of team building activities, deadlines coordination, quality validation and team work
  • Training clients’ staff members, training the junior consultants and end users


  • Updated payroll to reflect the amendments in the laws regarding payroll and wages
  • Implemented the recommendations to revise the company’s annual leave, annual gratuity and the firm’s pension scheme.

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