SAP SD involves developing systems for the client or company. The CV should show that the applicant is good at programming and is familiar with most programming languages. The professional experience section should be very detailed as employers rely heavily on the experience of the applicant to know his or her capabilities.

Sample SAP SD CV

Jenny Brown

001 Southwick

Peterborough PIIJK25

Mobile Number: 44 565 98988

Telephone Number: 44 777 717172

Career Objectives:

An innovative SAP SDseeking position as SAP SD in a firm that will ensure application of knowledge and skills in system development, use and maintenance as well as other basic system skills.

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, University of London

SAP knowledge:


SAP Enhancement

Relevant Computer Skills:

Tools – Toad, MYSQL – 5.0, Visual Interdev

Distributed Applications – EJB 2.0

RDMS – Oracle 8i

Professional Experience


  • Analyzing the Functional Inputs
  • Development of Technical Specification documents for the projects assigned
  • Development of objectives and reviewing of the projects
  • Coordinating with the technical team so as to resolve issues as they arise
  • Coding and development of plans for the objectives that were developed

SAP Consultant

  • Ensuring that clients receive excellent solutions for the objects
  • Responsible for all phases of project development
  • Providing training material for the key users of the system
  • Analysis of the clients cost center, profits and the utilization of internal orders
  • Propose solutions to different problems as they arise
  • Guiding clients and users concerning compliance
  • Provide management with the relevant reports


  • Developed SAP Smart Forms for Delivery Notes and Invoices
  • Designed and coded a BDC program for shifting data from external files to SAP R/3
  • Developed a report that can display unused material

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