As the information technology sector advances more job opportunities are arising. Search Engine Optimization is a relatively new field and it is steadily growing. In order to secure a job in SEO your CV must demonstrate to the employer that you can communicate clearly and require little supervision in your work.

This can be demonstrated by mentioning any projects you may have carried out on your own or mentioning that you have written some independent pieces of literature. You also need to demonstrate computer literacy by mentioning any certificates you may have gathered that involved computer work. You may also demonstrate your aptitude with computers through any work experience that involved their use.  Here is a sample SEO CV.

Sample SEO CV

Janet Griffin

343 Alison Drive

Forest Park

Someplace, State

Telephone No: 2344 234345

Mobile No: 2323 4345 34


Career Objective:

Website Content writer cum Search Engine expert seeking position in an established firm as a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO). The position should allow the application of training in search engine optimization and information technology.

Educational Background:

Diploma in Information Technology Kingston Polytechnic  2002 – 2004

BA Literature     Kingston University   1998 – 2002

Professional Experience:

2005 – 2007: Freelance Website Content Writer, Editor and Web designer/SEO expert


  • Designed websites and optimized them for major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc
  • Link building for the various websites I have worked on
  • Wrote articles for websites and blogs
  • Proofread and edited website content
  • Distributed article writing work to various writers
  • Ensured writers met deadlines and articles were up to the clients’ standards
  • Trained writers, web designers and website link searchers
  • Oversaw the optimization of more than 200 websites and saw to it that they ranked very highly on the search engines

1999 – 2005:  Freelance Search Engine Optimizer and Content



  • Carried out research for websites on various topics
  • Wrote articles for blogs, websites and pop up advertisements
  • Optimized websites by doing keyword research and using them to write highly targeted content.
  • Ensured that the Meta and title tags were well optimized to increase the chances of the website being picked by search engines.
  • Sought for high quality back links for various websites


  • Established an online freelance Search Engine Optimization company
  • Managed fifteen writers and 3 SEOs
  • Helped three writers establish themselves as website content writers online and search engine optimizers
  • Established a link searching company online

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