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If you enjoy working in a fast paced environment, then a software architect’s job would be perfect for you. As a software architect you will be the head or part of a software design team on a variety of software development projects. You will be expected to take real life situations and design software that will offer solutions to these scenarios. As a team leader you will be expected to have good communication skills and be able to make a group of people work as a team. You will interact with people in various departments such as marketing, design, engineers and many more.

Sample Software Architect CV Template

Lou Jobs

23 Hob Cob Street

Virginia Beach, California

Mobile No: +1 232 343 334

Telephone No: +1 232 3234 343

Career Objective

Software architect with experience in game software design and development seeking position as senior software architect in progressive game software development. The position should allow for the application of new technologies and techniques in the design of gaming software.

Professional Experience:

2004 – 2008:   Software Architect at Sony Japan Inc.


  • Designed user interfaces and interaction models
  • Designed workflows
  • Organized researchers to gather information from users in the field
  • Facilitated the exchange of ideas between different departments
  • Selected, organized and headed gaming software design teams
  • Translated findings of field research
  • Suggested and implemented improvements in the design of already produced software
  • Created prototypes for testing and authorized the specifications of the prototype’s interaction

Educational Background

2000 – 2003:   BSc Software Engineering – Virginia Beach College

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