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Software engineering is a popular profession in today’s society. The work of software engineer begins with designing and developing software programs after much research. The software engineer is responsible for testing and troubleshooting the software as well as its maintenance once it is in the market. Computer applications are being produced continuously and programming languages change and are being improved frequently. A software engineer is required to understand and express knowledge in a variety of programming languages and computer applications. Software programmers and computer programmers will also be required to prepare software engineer resumes. Software engineers may specialize in either applications or systems.

Sample Software Engineering CV Format

Lola Simple

232 Down Street

Cleveland, Ohio

Mobile No: +1 43 3434 343

Telephone No: +1 343 344 454

Career Objective

Software engineer with extensive experience in programming seeking a similar position. The position should allow the application of skills in both applications and systems.

Professional Background

2003 – 2006:   Software engineer at Dell Cooperation


  • Researched, designed and wrote new application and system software programs
  • Oversaw the testing of software programs
  • Researched and investigated technologies that had been introduced into the market recently
  • Researched means for ensuring formerly incompatible programs synchronized
  • Identified and solved defects in software programs
  • Updated software

Educational Background

2000 – 2003:   BSc Computer Software Engineering – Ohio State University

1998 – 2000:  Diploma in Information Technology – Ohio State College


  • Developed the Dell Mobile Phone interface
  • Developed the Dell Mobile Bluetooth program
  • Developed Blue scan technology

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