Software Training CV

With increased dependence on computers and other forms of information technology, knowledge in software operations is quickly becoming a basic necessity. Software trainers teach people how to use computer programs and applications. The software trainer therefore must be proficient in computer software programs of different kinds and should also poses strong communication skills.

A software trainer is not required to have in depth knowledge regarding all computer applications and programs. The trainer should be proficient in programs that the institution uses. In depth research on the company’s functions must therefore be carried out before writing the software training CV.

Sample Software Training CV Format

Joel Blackstone

234 Bumble Bee Drive

Marshall, Minnesota

Mobile No: +1 232 54 545

Telephone no: +1 232 434 33

Career Objective:

Software trainer seeking similar position in a financial institution. Bears vast experience in databases and spreadsheets. Willing to use experience in designing and developing spreadsheets and databases for training organization personnel.

Professional Experience:

2003 – 2007:  Software Trainer at Golf Financing


  • Carried out analysis of the training needs
  • Planned training courses
  • Designed training program manuals
  • Organized and publicized training courses within the company and to its sister companies
  • Prepared learning and training facilities
  • Delivered training programs to company clients upon request
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of training courses and made improvements based on feedback from evaluation and students

Educational Background

2000 – 2003:  BSc Information Technology (Database design) – Minnesota    College

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