SQL Programmer CV

A Structured query language Programmer or SQL programmer is one who is in charge of maintaining all the data stored in relational database management system which is shortly known as RDBMS. An SQL programmer is one who undertakes the responsibilities of maintaining the records of all data stored by the company electronically in a proper manner. Other responsibilities of the programmer include initiate code documentation, update the report as well as share the feedback. A sample SQL Programmer CV is given below for reference.

Sample SQL programmer CV

SQL programmer Curriculum vitae

Hanesam Shawk

3, Park Street,

Manchester, UK.


Contact no. +5555 6787 9898

E-mail id: Hanesan323@gmail.com

Career Objective:

I am looking forward to work in a growing position at the position of a SQL programmer where my years of experience and skill sets can be best utilized.

Educational Qualification:

Bachelors Degree from GGG University in the year 2001.

Completed Post graduation in computer science and technology from Anlina University London in the year 2003.

Completed one year diploma in SQL Programming in the year 2004

Work Experience :

Working as a SQL programmer in John & co ltd since 2005.

Job Responsibilities

Handling All the SQL Query

Retrieving the required Data through SQL.

Database Management

Initiation of security systems through programmed software.

Skill Sets:

Complete knowledge of SQL

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Good observation skills

Good problem solving skills


Playing Cricket

Reading fiction novels



Mr. Hawk, employee of John &co ltd Contact no. +8989 666 7775

Mrs. Sheller, Managing director of John & co ltd. Contact no. +4545 8787 9292

Mr. Hog, Working employee of the company Contact no. +4343

Mr. Selecher, Employee of a company contact no. +6767 9394 0000

                                                                                                                         (Hanesan Shawk)


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