IT Technical Support Manager CV

An IT technical support manager is an individual who is employed by an IT company to provide IT technical support to the company. These individuals handle managerial duties and manage the entire working of the IT technical support department.

In order to apply for the said position, a person must draft an impressive resume that showcases the skill, qualifications, experience and others details of the candidate. A sample of It technical support manager CV is given below for reference.

Sample IT Technical support manager CV

Mr. Nathan Darwin

Personal Details:

Address: W/789, second floor, Timothy building, Jackson street, London

Contact No.: 473957893

Email Address:

Fathers Name: Mr. Robert Darwin

Date of birth: 9th June 1985

Career objective:

To work in a reputed IT company at the position of an IT Technical support manager where I can work with the best of my abilities towards the growth of the organisation as well as my career.
Educational Qualifications:

Year Course/Program/ Degree Institution/ College/ University

2005 High School Diploma Jackson High School, London, UKGPA: 81%

2005-2008 Bachelor’s degree in computer science Imperial College London, London, UK

Previous Work Affiliations/ Trainings:

Year Job Title and Description

2008-2010 Junior technical support executive

Jack and Jones Company

London, UK

Assisted on many technical support projects and handled a range of duties and responsibilities.

2010-2012 IT technical support managerKell and Brooks Company

London, UK

Handled the supervision duties of the IT technical support department and helped in resolving many technical issues and problems.

2012- present Senior Technical support managerPeterson CompanyLondon, UK

Was responsible for resolving technical problems

Was responsible for resolving remote desktop problems

Was responsible for reporting technical problems


  • Superb technical skills
  • Excellent knowledge of computer systems, networks, LAN and other equipments and systems.
  • Exceptional managerial and leadership qualities
  • Excellent organisation skills, knowledge of many computer programming languages.

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