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A web developer is a person who is entrusted with the responsibilities of web development programs. The main function of the Web developer is to work on the promotion of the applications created by World Wide Web. A Web Developer is also responsible for writing programming codes for website. Not only this, his role also includes registration of the website over the server and introducing it at different search engines. A sample of web developer CV is given below for reference.

Sample of Web Developer CV

Curriculum vitae

Shayne Hecher

Contact No. +4545 6575 2234

Street no.1, Lawn Road,

Washington, UK.

E-mail id: Shaynerock312@rediffmail.com

Career objective

To achieve the pinnacle of success by applying my academic and practical knowledge, with utmost sincerity, dedication, and to the best of my abilities, in an organization by working at the post of web developer.

Education Qualification:

Completed bachelors’ degree in computer science from London University in the year2009.

Completed 12 months Diploma of advanced java Programming in 2010 from ABC Institute.

Technical Languages Known:





1. Ready to take challenging activities for the benefit of the company.

2. Good technical knowledge.

3. Effective communication skills.

4. Good command over computer applications.

5. Self-motivated.

6. Goal oriented.

7. Positive Attitude.

Work Experience

Worked as an assistant web developer in Jerry IT solutions for two years from 2009 to 2011.

Developed a web based programme for YYY Company for Managing the entire hospital management.

Personal profile

Name :- Shayne Hecher

Father’s name :- W. Hecher

Mother’s name :- Lin Hecher

Languages Known :- English, German, French

Hobbies: – Watching Television, |Chatting with Friends, Internet Surfing, Listen to Music, Reading Novels etc.


I hereby declare that above given information are true and best of my knowledge

Date:                                                                                                                                  (Shayne Hecher)



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