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An outstanding CV that reflects your strengths is an imperative in today’s competitive job market. To catch the eye of the potential employer/recruiter and give your application an edge over others, your CV should possess the following qualities;

  • An applicant with relevant job qualification is a darling of potential employers and recruiters as the candidate doesn’t require any extra training. The candidate will also stand out if he/she is a recent graduate, or has other relevant qualifications like Hon’s degree/MBA. Like some of the CV examples in this website portray.
  • Other training courses should be incorporated in your CV. Internship and other work experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for should be included in your CV. This is good news for your potential employer as it saves loads of money that they would have been used for training the recruits.
  • For the fresh graduates, the CV should be in such a manner to show the relevancy of their qualification to the job they have applied for. The content in the CV should reflect the course modules and their relation to the applied job advert. You can check some of the CV examples on this site.
  • It’s always important to list all the awards that you may have achieved in your previous workstation or when you were at the University or College. Such awards are a clear indication of your dedication and are a sure door opener.
  • Potential employers are on the lookout for results oriented employees. It’s therefore essential to state in your CV if you have won any contracts or tenders, exceeded sales targets especially for Sales and Marketing jobs. Don’t shy away from including quantitative figures as this will add value in your CV.

If the points mentioned above are put into good use your chances of securing an interview will most likely increase by 50% if not more. You should only incorporate the points if you genuinely possess the skills.  Some of the CV examples will allow you to get a clearer picture of how to write a CV that will guarantee you an interview.




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