Community Lawyer CV

A community lawyer is a person who looks after the legal issues of a community and provides justice to them. The community lawyer must have an understanding of the community and problems associated with them so that he can look into their problems effectively. The community lawyer’s CV should explain his job responsibilities and skills in details to make him the most sought after lawyer.

Sample Community Lawyer CV

Name: Martin Luther King

Father’s name: John Luther King

Date of birth: 15th of June 1982

Residential address: 2356 Rachel High Street,

New York, New Jersey 5234.

Residential Contact Number: 44 234 98924

Mobile number: 44 974 95768

Email id:

Languages known: English, Mexican and Latin

Nationality: Mexican

Marital Status: Single

Career Objective

  • To understand the issues of the community and fight their case with the judgment in their favor
  • To exercise my legal knowledge and skills in the best interest of the community
  • To posses excellent communication skills to fight the case.

Educational Qualification


  • Bachelor in civil and criminal law from New Jersey Law School in the year 2007.
  • Certificate course in business law in the year 2009

Work Experience


Working in the position of a community lawyer for Adam and Smith firm since the year 2009. My job responsibilities include:

  • Listening to the issues faced by the community.
  • Looking after all the aspects of the case from the beginning phase to the trial phase.
  • Following and supervising the proceedings.


Can be provided upon request.

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