Crime Scene Investigator CV

A crime scene investigator is an individual who works in collaboration with the police in the investigation of a crime and helps in finding the real culprit who committed the crime by investigating the crime scene. They look for and try to retrieve forensic evidences at the crime scene and also record these evidences. The CV of crime scene investigator should highlight the skills and experience needed for the job profile.

Sample Crime Scene Investigator CV

Name: Jack Daniel

Father’s name: Joseph Daniel

Date of birth: 15th of March 1982

Residential address: 2356 Rachel Hope Street,

New York, New Jersey 5234.

Residential Contact Number: 44 234 98924

Mobile number: 44 974 95768

Email id:

Languages known: English and Jamaican

Nationality: Jamaican

Marital Status: Single

Career Objective


I wish to work as a crime scene investigator where I can use my years of experience and skill sets for finding out relevant evidence that will help to solve cases.

Educational qualification

  • Masters in Criminology in the year 2008 from Los Angeles University
  • Graduate in Criminology in the year 2006 from Los Angeles University

Work Experience

Currently working as crime scene investigator in New Jersey Investigation Department since the year 2008. My job responsibilities include

  • Checking carefully the crime scene
  • If required preparing sketches
  • Taking photographs and measurements of the crime scene
  • Investigating the crime scene before the police arrives
  • Presenting investigation reports in the court of law
  • Updating investigation reports, if required.


Will be provided upon request.

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