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Lawyer CVs are a necessary part of securing a job as a lawyer. Recruiters in law firms look at several CVs in a single day and therefore make decisions in split seconds. Your CV needs to stand out if you want an employer to take a second look at it.

Show the employer that you are innovative in your approach to solving problems. You can do this in the achievements section by referring to cases you may have handled in the past and how you approached them. Use your CV to argue out your case as to why you truly deserve to work in the firm or company to which you are applying.

Sample Lawyer CV

John February Maxwell

2123 Massachusetts, Arizona

Mobile No: 123 2334 344

Telephone No: 123 43 2334

Career Objective:

Corporate Lawyer with 3 years experience in the field of corporate law seeking a position as a lawyer in a financial firm. The position should allow the application of creative problem solving, communication and research skills. The firm should be dynamic and allow for the growth and development of further skills in cooperate law.

Educational Background:

LLB in Cooperate Law Brooklyn University- 2003 – 2005

Bachelor of Arts in Law Massachusetts River University- 1998 – 2002

Diploma in Communication New York School of Humanities- 1997 – 1998

Professional Experience:

2006 – 2007:   Junior Lawyer at Sid and General Savings and Loans Cooperative


    • Assisting senior lawyers in research of lawsuits and other cases brought against the company
    • Assisting counsel in court cases the company has brought against other companies
    • Filing of court case paper work
    • Releasing of appropriate information to the media as the company had directed
    • Organizing press conferences
    • Organizing workshops and educational conferences for the cooperate law team

2002 – 2006:   Junior lawyer at Brandon and Brady Brooklyn Law Associates


    • Assisting Senior lawyers and partners in researching for their court cases
    • Representing clients in litigation
    • Assisting counsel in court cases


    • First junior lawyer in Sid and General Savings and Loans Cooperative’s corporate law team to represent the company as an assisting counsel in court
    • Managed to organize several successful corporate conferences and workshops for the Sid and General Savings and Loans Cooperative’s corporate law team with the help of a dedicated team
    • Editor of the Brooklyn Law Brief, a magazine that documented and analyzed court cases in the Brooklyn area for study by law students in Brooklyn University

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