Legal Nurse Consultant CV

Legal nurse consultant is a nurse who is registered and works in the field of health care. Some of the duties fulfilled by a legal nurse are review of medical records, assist in discovery of medical facts related to a legal issue, provide reports for medical records, provide details of different kinds of ailments, provide witnesses where necessary etc. The primary role of a legal nurse is to bridge the gap between the medical terminologies with that of the legal profession. A sample of legal nurse consultant CV should provide sufficient information on the role fulfilled by a legal nurse consultant as given below.

Sample Legal Nurse Consultant CV

                                                                                    Legal Nurse Consultant CV

Hog Hawker

29, Palk street near Café coffee day,

Weston, UK

E-mail id:

Contact no. +6666 3333 1111


Objective :

To achieve a remarkable success in the field of legal consultancy as a nurse. In this field, I can utilize my efforts to its best in order to increase my efficiency and for the benefit of an organization on account of the expert knowledge I have acquired through academic and professional associations.

Academic History :

Completed Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Mother Teresa’s Nursing School in the year 2001.

Acquired diploma in Legal Studies from University of London in the year 2004.

Working Years :

Worked as an assistant Nurse in MMM hospital and heart Institute from 2005 to 2007.

Presently Working as a nurse consultant in a Paloni International Hospital, London from 2007 till date

 Skills :

Versatile and dynamic

Good interpersonal skills at all levels

Effective communication skills both oral and written

Good leadership skills and motivational skills

Good ability to undertake legal research

Hobbies :


Listen to music

Reading novels

All the above information is true and best to my knowledge.

Date:                                                                                                                               (Hog Hawker)


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