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Legal services CVsare needed for those applying for jobs in the legal sector. Thejobsmight be in business law, criminal or civil law. From time to time companies or people will be engaged in disputes and they will need to resolve these disputes by enlisting the services of a legal expert. You may also be required to advise companies to comply with the necessary laws of the country in which it is doing business. A career in the legal sector is very rewarding and challenging and will therefore push you to the limit. This CV format will help you get a head start in applying for that coveted legal service job.

Landing a job in the legal service sector is not an easy task. Some of thejobsthat can be applied for using alegal service CVare attorney, lawyer, legal office assistant, legal secretary, paralegal, assistant, attorney/lawyer, company secretary, advocates and many more jobs in the legal sector.

Impressingemployersandrecruitersin this field will require that your CV show that you are well versed with the job description of the position for which you are applying. Using the following action words can help you create this impression: coordinated, restructured, trained, managed, implemented, filed, won, motivated achieved, generated, proposed, recommended, opened, streamlined, improved, improved, supervised, oversaw and many more words.

Sample Legal services CV Format

Name: Collins Kent Carlos

Address: P.O BOX 454646 New Jersey

Tel: 243536456

Cell phone: 234535468

Career Objective:

To work in a fair and transparent firm committed to seeking justice on behalf of the clients at all costs.

Educational Qualification:

Academic Qualification:

Bachelors (LLB)Law degree from Harvard law school (2001)

-Bachelors Degree in Sociology (June 1997) from Brown university.

Professional Qualification

-Registered as an attorney by the US government after passing the professional law exam in 2003.


2004 to date: Claims manager at Kaplan & Stratton firm.


-Ensuring clients have been paid in civil cases.

-Managing the budget for claims.

-Moderating compensation packages for employees in the claims department.

2001-2003: Legal services clerk at James law firm


-Keeping of legal records for court proceedings.

-Drafting court summons papers for clients.


·Reduced fraud in claims by 25% as a result of implementing strict evaluation criteria before claims are handed out.

·Re-organized the legal record keeping system by computerization of the records which reduced the time for searching for records. This eventually improved efficiency by 25%.

·Chief Editor of Harvard law review

·Graduated in the upper 95thpercentile of undergraduate class at Brown University.

·Winner of Rhodes scholarship in 2001

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