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Management consultants are growing in demand particularly with the current financial constraints. They assist organizations to improve their performance by analyzing the existing problems and developing plans to improve. The management consultants’ CV should demonstrate a lot of experience in strategy development, operation improvement and change management. Recruitment for this position involves seeking for individuals who are very creative in developing the best practice that an organization can follow. They should have adequate experience and education shown in the CV.

Sample Management consulting CV

Dennis White Walker

568 Norwich

Norfolk JOIU598

Mobile Number: 44 999 88877

Telephone Number: 44 633 377889


Career Objective:

Seeking an opportunity to join a leading management consulting firm and to contribute to the operations by my knowledge and creativity.

Educational Background:

Master of Business Management, Oxford University

Bachelor of Commerce, University of Stockholm

Diploma in Management, Community College

Professional Experience:

2004 Present: Management consultant, Mary Consultants


  • Analysis of the retirement security and proposed health insurance
  • Assisted in several human resources case studies in various companies
  • Mentoring and developing new employees
  • Designing, developing and implementing performance measures

1999 – 2003: Human Resources Executive, Kent and Crowbar


  • Working with the managers and supervisors so as to ensure that the performance appraisals are completed on time.
  • Involved with staff training and development
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Induction of new recruits of the company
  • Planning human resource strategies particularly those involving retention employees
  • Overseeing all matters including staff performance, evaluation and discipline
  • Organizing and conducting leadership seminars for new employees


  • Completion of all the projects on time and as per the specifications
  • Developed a sustainable human resources strategy to deal with the changes in the business environment.
  • Led a company of 140 to a 20% increase in profits.

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