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Management CVsneed to be well prepared as this is becoming an increasingly competitive field. AManagement jobneeds a lot of attention as you are being given the responsibility to run and ensure the success of a specific part of an organization.

If yourmanagement CVis to make any kind of positive impression in the mind of therecruiter, you must ensure that the information on it is relevant to the specific management position you are applying for. There are various categories of management such as human resource management, project management, event management etc.

As you prepare yourmanagement CV, it would be good to specify the kind of management that goes hand in hand with your capabilities and skills. As you write this management CV, there are some keywords that are associated with accounting that you should use. These include accountability, leadership, responsibility, supervision, monitoring and many others.

Sample Management CV Format

Personal Information:

Beatrice Rice Bush

123 Someplace, Some State

Telephone Number: 123 4567 8900

Mobile Phone Number: 345 678900


Career Objective:

Experienced manager seeking a position that will offer the opportunity to apply problem solving and leadership skills. Able to work well as an individual and as part of a team. Is capable of handling pressure and seeks to work in an environment with the right kind of pressure to allow the full development of already learned skills.

Educational Qualification:

2003 – 2005 Masters in Business Administration from the Kansas City University

1999 – 2003 Bachelor of Arts in Business and Management from Arkansas University

Professional Qualification:

Certificate in Human Resource management from the Arkansas business School in 2003


2003 – 2005 Human resource manager at The Standardized Bank


§Recruited new staff for the bank

§Organized and coordinated training of new staff members

§Addressed staff problems

§Organized working schedules for bank staff

§Organized and facilitated awarding of staff

§Initiated and organized for team building activities

§Represented staff in annual management meetings

2005 – 2008  Branch Manager at the Consolidation Bank


§Interviewed applicants for management and other senior staff positions

§Oversaw and coordinated the day to day running of the branch

§Dealt with customer concerns that other staff had forwarded


·Managed the increment in turnover of employees at Standardized Bank by 30% after the implementation of progress reports and regular team building sessions.

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