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Applicants in the field of risk management should put a lot of thought into the preparation of their risk management CVs. Find out the areas and types of disasters the organization you are applying to deals with. If you have experience with a similar situation, this should be emphasized in your risk management CV.  

Risk management involves planning, assessing and analyzing different situations and coming up with solutions. Many times these decisions will have to be made within a short period of time. A risk management CV should reflect that the applicant is able to think on his or her feet. Experience in risk or disaster management or any other position that demonstrates this should also be emphasized in the risk management CV.   

Sample Risk Management CV       

John Brandon Stewart

7334 Paseo Drive

Boston Massachusetts

Mobile Number: 123 4875 998

Telephone Number: 235 5543 564

Email: jbstewart@yahoo.com

Career Objective:

Risk manager with 3 years experience seeking a challenging position in a growing company, looking to use my risk and disaster control skills for the building on the company.

Education Background:

2005- 2007: Masters in Disaster and Risk Management, New York University

1998 – 2003: Bachelors of Science in Accounting, Ohio State University

2001 – 2003 Diploma in finance, Ohio state University

Professional Experience:

2007 – Present Risk Analyst, Invesco Ltd.


  • Providing company risk managements consultations
  • Implementing better management and risk control strategies
  • Performing risk evaluations and reviewing design and program development plans
  • Scheduling executive appointments for risk management seminars
  • Training staff of simple risk management measure that can be taken to reduce losses
  • Collecting data and preparing compensation audits for workers
  • In charge of lowering company’s modification rate from 200% to 50%
  • Review client contracts and recommend management of risk exposure
  • Manage and oversee employment claims for over 30 companies
  • Planning and implementing safety procedure and company policies

2003 – 2005: Risk Manager, Lions Bank


  • Performing risk assessments, program development, audit planning and preparing reports.
  • Performing business loss tracking and forecasting
  • Analyzing the success of current strategy suite
  • Analyzing the banks market position and running figures through new modeling techniques
  • Conducting statistical analysis to evaluate company risks
  • Make recommendations to control and reduce risks which involve the insurance strategy


  • Improved company gross sales by 50% in the year 2004
  • Prevented potential losses from a fire by use file backup restorer
  • Cut company costs by evaluating and avoiding loop holes
  • Led company to receive an award for best risk manager in the year 2004.


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