Affiliate Marketing Manager CV

An affiliate marketing manager is one who is responsible for the affiliate programs of a company. The role of an affiliate marketing manager revolves around activities such as maintaining existing affiliate marketing programs, acquiring new customers for affiliate programs, provide information on affiliate networking to clients when necessary, apply marketing tools for upkeep of affiliate marketing statistics provide good service to affiliate clients etc. As the role of an affiliate marketing manager is very dynamic the CV should reflect some important elements as specified in the sample affiliate marketing manager CV given below.

Sample Affiliate marketing manager CV

Northern Lesley Gomes                              #3, Dundee, Angus,

                                                                         London, DD3

                                                                        Contact no : 211 555-1122



I want to be part of an established affiliate marketing company that gives scope for both professional and personal growth over a period of time.


Good decision making capabilities.

Capable of multitasking to achieve organizational goals.

Possess exceptional communication skills.

Good supervisory skills.

Good ability to achieve targets within a short span of time.

Good planning and organizing capabilities.


Betheda Management Company, Dundee London

Working from the year 2005 till date

Job Title – Affiliate Marketing Manager

  • Provide solutions for affiliate marketing clients for better opportunities.
  • Develop promotional activities to enhance sales
  • Provide evaluation and reports from time to time on various affiliate programs.
  • Coordinate work flow with all the team members before providing affiliate program to clients.


Neon State University of London, London

Master’s in marketing management

Completed in 2005

San Costa University of Arts and Science, London

Bachelor’s in marketing management

Completed in 2003


1. Name of reference                      Anthony Charles, Sr. Manager, Betheda Management Company

Contact number of reference       874 – 335 – 1111

Email id of reference         


2.Name of reference                     Susan Mike , Head HR Deptt, Betheda Management Company

Contact number of reference      222 – 444 – 555

Email id of reference         


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