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A Communications Manager is an individual who is required to prepare and design documents through which communication within a company can be made easy. He/she is also responsible for handling all kinds of communication of the company with its stakeholders or clients etc. To become a communications manager in a company, one needs to come up with a well framed CV. This CV must throw light on the various skills and qualifications of the candidate.

Curriculum Vitae

Martha Andrews

Address: West Putney, 456 flat number, London, UK

Mobile Phone Number: 4730973905


Current Employment Status: not employed

 Statement of Purpose

An exceptionally experienced and skilled individual with a keen interest in PR and marketing is seeking the job position of a communications manager in a reputed firm. Looking forward to the opportunity of making use of the education and my skills in the best possible way.

Key Skills Possessed

  • Exceptionally good communication skills and writing abilities.
  • Great with computer systems and various other kinds of communication channels.
  • Good leadership qualities and proofreading skills.

Educational Background

  • 2001: high school education completed from Gregory International school
  • 2005: Bachelor’s degree in mass communication from Leeds University, Leeds
  • 2009: Master’s in business administration with specialisation in PR from Reading University, Reading, UK.

Professional Experience

  • 2010-present: worked as a communications manager at William and Brooke Organisation

 Job Responsibilities and Duties Performed

  • Prepared notices and other related documents for providing information to the staff members of the company.
  • Prepared promotion sheets and presentations for the purpose of media interaction.
  • Developed branding strategies and print material for the company.
  • Informing departments within the company about the changes in policies etc.
  • Was responsible for improving client awareness.

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