Email Marketing Manager CV

An email marketing manager is one who takes care of the email marketing activities of the clients of a company. The prime duty of an email marketing manager is to maintain the relationship with the client in fulfilling the email marketing needs by providing necessary inputs to attract the target audience. Some of the other duties that an email marketing manager fulfills are supervision of email campaigns, coordinate activities with marketing team, makes use of marketing tools for effective email marketing for clients etc. A sample email marketing manager CV provided below is one of the easiest ways to understand the job role of an email marketing manager.

Sample Email Marketing Manager CV

Email marketing manager CV

Lesley R Lewis

#101, Bally money, County Antrim,

London, BT53

Contact no : 222-333-4444


  • Date of Birth : March 26th 1979
  • Marital status : Married


  • I am a very creative person that makes me most suitable for this job.
  • I possess leadership qualities that help me to work for organizational growth at all times.
  • I can work quite easily on complex projects of email marketing.
  • I believe in relationship management and therefore entail better relationship with everyone I am associated with which includes clients, peers etc.



  • I am working for Grant Marketing Company from the year 2006 till date as an Email Marketing Manager and fulfill responsibilities such as :-
  • Provide campaigning for click through for clients enrolled for said program.
  • In charge of print and online media marketing for clients and offering improved results in the assigned areas.


  • Studied at University of London and acquired Master’s in Marketing Management in the year 2006.
  • Studied at London University of Arts and Science and acquired Bachelor’s in Business Administration in the year 2004.



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