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Manager CV’sshould be able to project the idea of good leadership skills, time management as well as financial management. If you are looking for ajobas amanager, tailor yourCV formatto illustrate these facts.Employerswould also be interested to see any management successes you have being involved in and the achievements made while in a management position.

YourCVshould also show the skills that you have as this is whatemployerslook with most interest. For instance, communication skills are very important for amanager, and so are IT (Information Technology) skills.

Yourformatshould also highlight your professional and educational qualifications. This is important to show that you are trained and able to take on management positions. Level of experience is also important and could mark the line between you getting the job or not. Mostemployerswould like to see that you have been in a management position previously.


Jacqueline Black

Telephone: 6729219

Fax: 63749

Address: 26483 Argentina


Objective: To work in the private sector and make innovative changes in Information Technology industry where my leadership and project management skills will be fully utilized.


A professionally trained manager with in-depth experience in planning, budgeting and organizational skills to provide a well organized and friendly organizational environment for both staff and clients.


Currently the Managing Director at World Vision Aid

Can plan and execute projects

Can prepare and deliver presentations


·Managed a Feed the Children Project for AMREF that covered the whole of North Africa.

·Promoted a campaign for raising funds for children with Cleft Lips in England

·Speaker in Business Administration Conferences held by Business Administration Corporation of North America every August in Europe

·Lectured at Harvard Business School as a tutorial fellow 1992-1993


Harvard Business School 1993-1995

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Massachusetts University 1986-1991

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)

Ciallo Computer Centre June 2000-December 2000

Information Technology Diploma


Certified member of CCNAP

Member of CIPS


Communication: Good report writing skills

Leadership: Charismatic leader able to mobilize people for tasks and delegate effectively

Innovator: keeps track of latest technologies and looks to incorporate them in the

Work environment and seeks development opportunities.

Mentoring: Able to inspire and train other employees so that they may achieve their best and live up to their potential professionally and personally.

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