Marketing Brand Manager CV

A marketing brand manager is an employee hired by a company to create a strong and impressive image of the company among customers and clients. He/she is responsible for marketing the brand in such a way that it has a lasting impression on the customers. A marketing brand manager CV is a resume of a person interested in getting the job of a marketing brand manager in a company and must consist of the various qualifications of the candidate. The CV must be strong and impressive enough for the employers to hire the candidate. A sample of a marketing brand manager CV has been given below.

Sample Marketing Brand Manager CV

Marketing Brand Manager CV

Rachel Timothy

Address: 4/M, second floor, Paulo tower, New York




Career Objective:

A goal oriented and extremely creative individual with a rich experience in the field of marketing is seeking the position of a marketing brand manager in a reputed organisation for the fulfillment of goals and career growth.

Professional Experience:

2005-2008-marketing manager at Joshua International


  • Making marketing strategies and ensuring that they were implemented properly.
  • Preparing marketing promotion campaigns and handling their proper working.
  • Training marketing executives and recruiting marketing staff members

2008-present-brand manager at Kell Peterson corporation


  • Building brand image by promotion, advertisement and marketing campaigns
  • Devising marketing strategies and ensuring proper implementation.
  • Working with the sales and media team to properly reflect company internationally.
  • Handling TV ads, newspaper ads and magazine ads.
  • Training and recruiting of marketing officials.

Educational Qualifications:

  • 2000-graduated as a business administrator from University of Illinois
  • 2002-did MBA in marketing from New York University.
  • 2003-pursued diploma course in brand management


  • Exceptional managerial skills and administrative abilities.
  • Excellent marketing skills and creative mind
  • Hardworking and diligent
  • Good interpersonal skills, strong personality and good leadership skills.

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