Marketing Campaign Manager CV

A marketing campaign manager is an employee of the marketing department of the company who is responsible for the designing, planning, testing and executing of a marketing campaign. He/she creates these marketing campaigns but studying the market and conducting a research on it. If an individual wishes to apply for the position of a marketing campaign manager in a company, then he/she must have a well detailed and well constructed CV which is called marketing campaign manager CV. The CV must consist of all the details of the candidate and his/her education and work experience. A sample of a marketing campaign manager CV has been given below.

Sample Marketing Campaign Manager CV

Marketing Campaign Manager CV

Personal Information: 

Peter Pettigrew

567, timothy street, Iowa

Contact number: 473093055


Career Goal:

An individual with an expertise in the field of marketing and sales is looking for the challenging position of a marketing campaign manager in a prestigious organisation where I can reach my goals and fulfill the goals of the company.

Professional Experience:

2007-2009-marketing manager at Breads and More Food company, New York

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Heading the marketing team to achieve marketing agendas and objectives.
  • Implementation of marketing campaigns and promotion events.
  • Organising media conferences and promotion booths.
  • Training new marketing employees.

2009-present-campaign manager at Ohio Furnishing House, Ohio

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Designing and testing marketing campaigns.
  • Implementation of promotional events and setting meetings with clients.
  • Recruiting marketing managers.

Educational Qualifications:

  • 2002: completed high school education from Martha International school, Ohio
  • 2005-bachelors in English from California University
  • 2007-Masters in Business Administration from Yale University.

Skills and Areas of Expertise:

  • Very creative and great with marketing strategies and campaigns.
  • Leadership qualities, administrative abilities and team work.
  • Focused, diligent and very hardworking.
  • Flexible and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

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