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A marketing manager CV is prepared in a similar fashion as a marketing CV.  A Marketing manager should have experience in the field of marketing or sales. Employers seek people with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge to fill jobs of marketing managers. As you will be supervising a marketing department, your marketing CV should reflect good leadership and a team spirit.

Although experience is very important, it is even more important to show how this experience has developed in you skills and attributes that are transferable to the position for which you are applying and the organization that you intend to work for. Specific knowledge of the organization and their marketing strategy can be used in selecting skills that may be of interest to the recruiters.

Sample Marketing Manager CV

Miranda Dawson


Rise above all challenges that women managers find in a career dominated by Men

Uphold the ethics and tenets of the Profession that Marketing is


A gifted, progressive thinker, well groomed and skilled in the art of marketing with a wide range of experience attained from working in a demanding environment

Self driven, aggressive professional with an eye for detail and a focused approach to any challenge

Capable of working with deadlines, with no supervision and quick to grasp new ideas and leadership prospects as well as additional responsibilities A committed team leader.

Well versed in today’s marketing trends and understands the advertising sphere


2006–Currently Hollywood Heights

Hollywood, CA

Publicist, Myra – The artiste

  • Planning of the artiste’s diary.
  • Sign for and Select the artiste’s show publicity campaign projects
  • Maintain the reputation and appeal of the artiste in the public eye

2003–2006: Selfridges Americana

Long Beach, CA

Marketing Manager

  • Increased sales from $25 million to $35 million in the first 2 years.
  • Managed and trained over 250 sales people in 10 regional outlets.
  • Developed and implemented training breaks for new Employees on how to maintain etiquette when attending to clients.

1999–2002: Leroy Lottery

Los Angeles, CA

Sales Manager

  • Introduction and Promotion of the brand of lottery tickets that had celebrity pictures in the back.
  • Doubled total sales revenues for the company in three months.
  • Expanded sales to include media-advertising revenue collections.


1996–1999: Long Beach University                    Long Beach, CA

Business Administration- Graduated summa cum laude.

1994–1996: Long Beach College                        Long Beach, CA

Diploma, Business Administration and E-Commerce.


Scrabble, Chess, Classical Music, Dancing, Speech writing.


Jay Hallway

Vice Chancellor, Long Beach University


76847368 Long Beach California

0846 767 663

Mart Mahoney

Manager, Myra – Artiste

0885 477 998

Hollywood Heights

Hollywood, California

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