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Operations managers arise from different professions. The field is therefore highly competitive. It is an advantage though to have academic qualifications in the field of management. Operations manager CVs should demonstrate good leadership and communication skills as this is sought after by many recruiters. The ability to work in a team is also important as well as the ability to work as an individual without supervision.

Work experience in a similar operation will be an added advantage. This experience does not have to be at managerial level but should show that you have in depth knowledge and extensive experience in a similar job. This will definitely catch the eye of the recruiter.

Sample Operations Manager CV

Jesse Luke Conrad

3975 Becaull Drive

Atlanta, Georgia

Mobile Number: 985 8456 099

Telephone Number: 298 77 3323


Career Objective:

Operations Manager with 3 years experience in the operations field, seeking employment with a reputable company. The position should allow the use of directing, leading and management skills. Willing to ensure cost efficient operations, compliance with company procedures and operations, customer satisfaction and high quality service.

Educational Background:

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at New Hampshire State University 2002 – 2006

Professional Experience:

2008 – Present Operations Manager at Hepburn Industries Ltd.


  • Conducting annual performance evaluations for all staff
  • Ensuring operations run smoothly and uninterrupted
  • Communicating company goals to staff
  • Following up pending matters with clients
  • Maximizing profitability by offering superior client services
  • Personally training staff and supervisors to provide career development
  • Conduct open talk seminars where staff members suggest ways to improve production and operations

2006 – 2008- Assistant Operations Manager at Jack and Jill Company


  • Planning and monitoring staffing schedules
  • Ensuring adequate staffing levels and work division
  • Ensuring tasks are completed on time
  • Providing employees with equipments to simplify work
  • Promoting a positive environment at work
  • Supervising administration functions and ensuring paper work is submitted on time
  • Ensuring employees receive their salaries on time
  • Ensuring space is efficiently used to avoid congestion at the company


  • Succeeded in placing a suggestion boxes at the company’s offices
  • Through smooth operations the company was able to produce 50,000 bikes in 2 months
  • By encouraging staff members, the company was able to achieve the goal of venturing their products globally
  • Received an award for best operations Manager for the year 2008.
  • Led the company to receiving the award for the fastest growing Bike company in the United States

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