Program Manager CV

A program manager is an employee of a company who is given the tasks of the handling and management of a program conducted by the organisation. The program manager is responsible for overseeing tasks such as planning and implementation of the program activities. A program manager CV is a CV which is drafted by a person who is interested in getting a job as a program manager. The CV must consist of all the skills and qualifications which make the applicant suitable for the job.

Program manager CV Sample:

Personal details:

Lewis Jobs

12-H, down street

Mainland building


Email address:

Mobile number: 473094058504

Career objective:

Looking for a job of a program manager in a growing company where I can put my talent into good use in a way which also benefits the organisation.

Educational qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree in Mathematics from University of South California
  • MBA from New York University

Skills and qualifications:

  • An efficient team player and a great leader who can monitor tasks in the most utilised manner.
  • Exceptional managerial skills and good interpersonal skills.
  • Dynamic personality and a kind and confident disposal.

Work experience:

  • Worked as a program manager in many individual programs and for TV shows such as 10 questions and Ticket to fame.
  • I have handled many situations where my managerial skills have been put to test and come out as a winner.
  • Used my leadership quality to lead a group of 12 people on talk shows and TV programs.

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