Quality Manager CV

A quality manager CV is curriculum vitae which belongs to a person who is applying for the post of a quality manager in a company. The CV must contain the details of the educational background, career goals and objective, past professional experience and skills and qualifications of the candidate. A quality manager is the person responsible for overseeing the quality and standard specifications and managing various duties which are associated with the quality check within a company.

Quality manager CV Sample:

Personal details:

Kevin Boom

Age: 32 years

Address: 45-K, west side River Street

Friend’s colony


Mobile number: 473897434595

Email address: kevinboom@gmail.com

Career objective:

Seeking a position of a quality manager in a challenging company which shall help me to realise my potential and work according to the reputation of the organisation.

Academical background:

High school diploma obtained from Montfort Senior secondary school, London

Graduation pursued in Accounting and finance from University of Reading

Post graduation (MBA) pursued from Liverpool University

Work experience:

  • Worked with Mark Co. for 3 years as the junior quality manager and was promoted to the post of the quality manager.
  • Here I used to handle the working of the quality norms used to ensure that the products produced by the company were in sync with the expectations.
  • I lead a team of 6 members and set targets for them and kept a check on whether those targets were achieved or not.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Exceptional managerial skills
  • Good leadership quality
  • Efficient team player and aware of the quality norms and standards.

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