Regional Sales Manager CV

Regional sales manager as the title suggests is the team leader or the head of a sales team. The said sales team must comprise a regional segment of the organisation where the individual is employed. Being the head of the sales team, the individual holds the critical job of managing all the team members, maintaining harmony and motivating all of them to move towards the completion of the targets. The individuals must thus possess appropriate qualifications and experience. A representation of the CV for this position is given below.

Sample Regional Sales Manager CV

Regional Sales Manager CV

Mr. Jacob Marker


I have been employed in the sales field for quite some time now and have gathered all the required expertise. I wish to further advance myself and my knowledge base, by working to the best of my abilities.

Personal Details:

Contact Address: 345, 3rd and Mains Street, Parson Square Avenue, Chicago (North), USA
Contact No.: 25368779
Alternative Contact No.: 24365778
Email Id:
Fax No.: 325-354-235

Educational Qualifications:

 Year  Course/Program/ Degree  Institution/ College/ University
Prior to 2005 High School Diploma St. James Cathedral High School, Chicago, USA.
2005- 2007 Bachelors’ in Business Administration, with major in marketing and sales Morison Business School, New York University, New York, USA.
2008- 2009 Diploma in Business Sales Management [Part Time] Salter Parson College, New York University, New York, USA.

Previous Experiences:

 Year  Job Title and Description
 2008- 2009 Junior Assistant Sales ExecutiveHillary Enterprises, New YorkAssisted the sales team at the organisation and completed the tasks as directed by the superiors/ team members. Learned about the sales segment of a business organisation.
2009- 2010 Junior Sales ManagerHillary Enterprises, New YorkPromoted from junior assistant position.
2010- 2012 Senior Sales ManagerBarton Enterprises Ltd.Worked as the senior sales manager and headed the whole of the sales management team for the New York location offices.
2012- Present Regional Sales ManagerBarton Enterprises Ltd.


  • Mr. Blaine Carter

Sales Executive

Hillary Enterprises, NY

Contact No.: 7651235

  • Mrs. Jennifer Carom

Senior Manager, HR

Barton Enterprises Ltd.

Contact No.: 3422312

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