Forklift Operator CV

The function of a forklift operator is a highly manual job which involves carrying heavy equipments like goods, raw materials, etc. They could be given specialised equipments to transport the materials which they should be able to use. In other manufacturing and production companies, the forklift operator needs to carry the materials on their own. Forklift operators are also employed by shipping and distribution companies. The following is a detailed outline of a sample forklift operator CV.

Sample Forklift Operator CV

Diane Kruger

Fork Street, New Hampshire

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:


Career Objective:

I would like to work in the position of a forklift operator for any manufacturing and production, transportation, shipping or distribution company. The work environment should be good where there is collective responsibility for the development of the workers and the organization. I expect to be a useful asset for all my employers.

Educational Background:

2003-2006: Bachelor of Sciences in Manufacturing and Operations

Professional Experience:

2009: Forklift Operator, Interiole Manufacturing Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Transferring raw materials from the in-gate of the company till the company warehouse

Moving the construction materials from one place to another as per the need of the project

Using various specialised equipment like pulley, etc for moving goods as per the orders of the supervisor

Transferring the finished goods from point of production to point of sales and distribution

Well aware of all the latest technology used for transferring goods and know the safety regulations that are normally followed while transferring goods from one place to another


Ability to deliver under pressure and ability to move heavy materials from one place to another while following necessary precautions is appreciated.

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