Manufacturing Director CV

Manufacturing director CV is a written document which is drafted by those interested in getting a job as the manufacturing director of a company or any organisation. The CV must consist of the skills, qualifications, career objective and work experience details. A Manufacturing director is an employee of an organisation who is responsible for all the activities related to manufacturing of a good produced by the company. His job requires him to look after all the procedures and overseeing the work done by people under him.

Manufacturing director CV sample:

Gerald Hemingway

DH-9, first floor

Second block, mint road


Mobile number: 478490540406

Email address:

Career objective:

Seeking a job position as a manufacturing director to show and display my talent as a leader as well as someone who is experienced for this job profile and would be the right choice to bring about success to the organisation.

Educational qualifications:

  • Graduation in Computer Science completed in the year 2003 from University of South California
  • Post graduation done in production and design in the year 2005 from University of Alabama.

Work experience report:

  • Worked at Minto Brothers Inc for duration of 3 years as the manufacturing operations manager and was in charge of handling and planning of manufacturing designs and implementation of plans and designs.
  • Worked as an intern at Fin and Co. for 6 months where I learnt the primary knowledge of manufacturing procedures and learnt to be a team player.


  • Hardworking, dedicated and diligent
  • Team player and a great leader
  • Good communication skills.


Manufacturing Education Requirements


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