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A manufacturing planner is a very important role in a manufacturing and production organization. A manufacturing planner is responsible for planning all the manufacturing activities in such a way that all business processes are streamlined and they get delivered to the end customer within appropriate deadlines after going through internal and external quality testing. The sample manufacturing planner CV would help an aspiring candidate to prepare an effective resume.

Sample Manufacturing Planner CV

Kim Hughes

Fork Street, Rhode Island

Mobile Number: 44 558 98123

E-mail address:


Career Objective:

My career objective is to work for a manufacturing and production organization as a manufacturing planner who can contribute significantly to a manufacturing organization to ensure that all the activities are planned, scheduled, and executed well. I would also like to be an essential part of the decision making team and discuss how better to plan all the manufacturing related activities for the most effective and efficient delivery.

Educational Background:

2003-2006: Bachelors in Sciences and Business – Integrated Supply Chain and Operations Management

2006-2008: Masters in Business Administration – Project Management

Professional Experience:

2009: Assistant Manufacturing Planner, Interiole Manufacturing Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Learn how to plan for scheduling various manufacturing activities in an organization from the manufacturing supervisors

Drawing a rough manufacturing plan of all the activities and getting them approved by the top management authorities

Using MS Excel and other tools to analyse the time and quality issues, resource constraints, etc and then arriving at a detailed plan with goals for every single step of manufacturing process


Delivered work with 100% quality, no defects or take backs

Got an award for customer satisfaction.



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